1-2-3 Stickman Tutorials

For documentation about Stickman 5.6, use the Wiki.
It has videos, Yes/No answers, Free Figures & Sound and much more!
I make video tutorials by requests - Sven

Stickman & Elemento Manual V5.5

Stickman Animation Editor
 Quick Start
  Getting Started With Stickman In 10 Steps
 Video Tutorials
  Introduction to the User Interface
  How to Import From MS Paint and Animate With Stickman
  Using Photoshop/GIMP With Stickman
  How to Animate Speech Bubbles
  Everything You Need To Know About Elemento
  Elemento Placement Tool vs Matrix Layer
  How To Mirror/Adopt Animations/Trajectories In Stickman
   Download - Introduction
   Download - Matrix Tool
   Download - Control Points Tool
   Download - Time Line
   Download - Switch Tool
   Download - Draw Order
   Download - Containers\Relations
   Download - Camera
   Download - Export and Rendering
   Download - Walk Tool
   Download - Select Tool
 Frequently Asked Questions
  Installation and Setup
  Animate Scenes
  Export and Rendering

Elemento Figure Editor
 Quick Start
  Elemento My Dear Watson
  Vector Math Programming In 7 Steps
 Video Tutorials
  How to Create Skeleton and Attach Graphics Automatically
  How to Create Trees And Bushes Using Recursive Node
  Create a Character - Part 1
  Create a Character - Part 2
  Create a Character - Part 3
  Create a Character - Part 4
  Create a Character - Part 5
  Create a Side View Character
   Download - Creating a Simple Stickman Figure
   Download - Walk Tool Requirements
   Download - Creating Eyes
   Download - How a Mouth Works
   Download - Creating a Customized Stick-Through
   Download - Creating a Park Lamp
 Frequently Asked Questions
  Create Figures and Graphics

   Download - Creating Documentation
   Download - Setup for Computer Labs
  Stickman & Elemento Manual (PDF)
  User Input Articles
  Computer Animation Basics (PDF)
  How To Create a Short Animated Story (PDF)