1-2-3 Animation Software for Education

Stickman is used by several school classes for teaching animation.

Click at the picture below to watch the video at YouTube.
This is a short story created by a 9 year old boy:

Read this article from his teacher's experience with Stickman:
Experience Teaching Stickman to 3rd and 4th Graders

No mather how good Stickman is, it is not a solution to keep up with the modern requirements of education.
Experience shows that it's is the engagement from the teacher that makes the subject interesting.

Stickman is a powerful tool for teachers that love teaching.
We have contacts with schools in US, Australia, Scandinavia, Great Britain and South-America.
The feedback from these institutions have made Stickman better for educating young people.

The nice thing about Stickman is that the possibilities grows with the kids.

Small kids are willing to spend hours to learn how to animate.
Greater kids are willing to spend hours to make their own cartoon videos.
Students are willing to spend hours to create their own figures and landscapes.
Professional animators are willing to spend hours to do what no other animation software can do.

By using Stickman, kids are learning:

  • Understand and use digital animation
  • Work through all phases of film-making from script to final product
  • Knowledge of creating illusion of life through digital puppets
  • Work together in movie projects

In Which Subjects Can Stickman be Used?

  • Art & Design
  • Drama
  • Music
  • History
  • Sciences
  • Foreign Languages
  • Course Work
  • Additional Challenges

What skills will the software teach kids?

  • Hands-on animation experience
  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Storytelling

Is it difficult to install on many computers?

Stickman needs to be installed on every machine like on a normal computer.
Internet access is required to activate, but is not required to use the software.
To set up 30 computers take about 1 hour.
If you need to change the user directory, goto Edit->Computer Lab Preferences.
The user directory can only be changed by a computer administrator.

How much does it cost for educational licenses?

Use the discount below when purchasing:
Min Num. Licenses Discount Total Price Discount Code
10 10 USD 90 USD 10edu
15 30 USD 120 USD 15edu
30 90 USD 210 USD 30edu

Where do we place an order for educational licenses?

Use the "Add To Chart" and "View Chart" buttons on this page.
Set the amount of items to a number equal to or greater than your discount code.
Then click "Update Chart".

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