Stickman on Linux

I recently got a new laptop at work. I decided to take the plunge and
install Ubuntu Linux on it instead of the standard Windows XP.
Everything went pretty well until the next time I wanted to play...
uh, I mean, WORK on a little animation project using Stickman! It
doesn't run under Linux.

So I installed WINE (a Windows emulator). I tried installing Stickman
but got the message that I needed .NET. So I installed .NET. Then I
installed Stickman again. With trembling hands, I clicked the Stickman
icon. I got an hour glass! Then, nothing.

As a last resort, I read the documentation. There tucked away on the
third or fourth page of the WINE documentation was a not that .NET
applications just didn't work under WINE. I was stumped.

Not to be outdone, I found a Windows XP CD and fired up a program
called QEMU. This program allows you to emulate a virtual machine on
top of Linux (or Windows for that matter). I installed Windows, .NET
and Stickman in my little virtual machine and *poof*! I had Stickman
running again.

I just couldn't do without it.
Thanks for your hard work (daily, apparently!) in keeping Stickman

- Dan
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