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On this page we post user input that can inspire other Stickman users.

26.03.2008 - Stickman on Linux

I recently got a new laptop at work. I decided to take the plunge and
install Ubuntu Linux on it instead of the standard Windows XP.
Everything went pretty well until...Read More

25.01.2008 - Experience Teaching Stickman to 3rd and 4th Graders

My 3rd grade son is in an honors type program at his school in which
he is pulled out of his normal class once a week for 3 hours and...Read More

28.12.2007 - Bedroom

Enclosed is an animation and a figure made completely
out of Polygons...Read More

26.12.2007 - Castle Walk

Enclosed is a Castle Animation made out of...Read More

26.12.2007 - Giant Tree

Enclosed a small animation...Read More

21.12.2007 - Dynamic Gradients

Enclosed an Elemento and a Stickman which can be used
to get dynamic Gradient... Read More

19.12.2007 - Pencil Sharpener

Here is the Elemento Document of a pencil sharpener... Read More

11.11.2007 - Walk Example Simplified

I felt the tutorial on the walk requirements was
little difficult to understand. Enclosed a simple
tutorial and an example... Read More

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