Stickman & Elemento - The Easy Way To Animate

  • It is unique: Create your own style of animation, or combine multiple!
  • It is deep: Scales from beginner to professional, a life long journey!
  • It is complete: Everything you need from start to finish!
  • It is crazy: Anything else would be unacceptable!
  • Visit the YouTube Channel for tutorials and more!

Import PNG, JPEG, GIF, PSD (Photoshop) yes
Animate in Photoshop or GIMP yes
Create line drawings on infinite canvas yes
Animate with key frames, control points, switches, matrix yes
3D-like interpolation of size yes
Path tool yes
Pick up and drop items yes
Control body poses, switches with keyboard yes
Generate walk yes
Create your own figures yes
Unlimited undo and redo yes
GDI+, AntiGrain rendering with OpenGL acceleration yes
Deform and effect nodes yes
Slide physics for "line rider" like simulation yes
Pivot Stickfigure 2.2.5 integration yes
Speech bubbles yes
Unlimited cameras and animation length yes
Expressions yes
Many features for reusing graphics between projects yes
Sound with animated triggering, volume and pan yes
Record sound util yes
Export to 9 popular video formats yes
Export to Flash yes
Snapshot a frame, export frames as PNG sequence yes
Stop motion, capture video of desktop or webcam util yes
Put video clips together yes



This amazing movie was created by Karine Andresen based on a child book. The characters are designed with Photoshop and animated with Stickman. Norwegian voices.

A music video demonstrating skeleton and camera movements.

A short story created by a 9 year old boy!

Weird but funny music video of Maple Leaf Rag.

A blue Stickman figure skating, demonstrating animation on background images.

Scott Dickinson, Coombabah State High School:
"Stickman is great software too, and really suitable for junior high school.  It is a mature, stable product that has been exceptionally well designed.  It makes a great bridging product to Flash.  I particularly admire software with a low learning curve such as Stickman so that students can spend more time being creative and less time learning which buttons to press."

Ray Koefoed:
"First I want to say that I have tried several different programs that claim to make creating animations easy. Everything from Toon Boom and Anime Studio Pro to 3D programs such as Daz Studio, Moviestorm, Iclone, and so on. I have to say that your program is the simplest and most fun of all of the software I have tried to date. In only 2 days of using the trial version I have become efficient enough to create animations almost as fast as I can imagine what I want the characters to do. I have wanted to create an original cartoon series since about the first season of South Park, and I am pleased that it seems I may have found just the software to do it."

Chris Boucher:
"Gidday from Australia! Firstly I'd like to congratulate you on Stickman. I have used practically all 2d animation apps available and none of them have been as easy to operate as Stickman. The first time I used it I spent 7 hours dabbling around with little to no frustration, except my eyeballs became fused to my sockets from gazing at the screen for so long and my partner had to drag me away!"

Frank B.
"The user interface is very easy to use for anything."

Jo?o Peter:
"The movement is VERY good, does not need to use the PC for 2 hours to only move a finger. The distribution of the 'points' of movement is perfect ... summarizing: Excellent!"

Thomas Taylor:
"I currently use Toon Boom Studio 4 but your character rigging and walk cycle are absolutely terrific !"

Jared Schappert:
"Fun, easy to use ... and a child friendly amazing program!"

Ivan Bogardi:
"Thank you for this marvelous program! It is not only for children an amateurs. It is for experts too, because it is possible to do everything what an expert wish. Or is it too easy for experts, they need more complications?... Now I use Gimp instead of Photoshop, Inkscape instead of Illustrator and now Stickman instead of Flash. Perfect!"

McClan Games:
"This is very user-friendly animation software that is easy to download and can create very nice animations. 4/5"

Tom Erik (Norwegian):
"Elevene her har fått sans for Stickman, og har raskt laget animasjonsfilmer på rekordtid. Nå har vi begynt å studere figurbygging i Elemento, og dette går også veldig fint. Takk for et godt og inspirerende program!"

Amy Stockman:
"My son Frank, who is 11, was very excited to try out your program. He is a very big fan of the stick man animations and games online - he was thrilled to be able to try to make them on his own. Thanks for developing this program that is so easy for someone his age to learn."

Tony Petri:
"Your program has saved my life in school. i have used it for numerous projects and am planning on using it for my final exam in health class. Your you tube tutorials have been infinitely helpful in making these animations. I have been using Stickman since Version 4.9"

Sam Wood:
"Your program is really cool and easy to work with!"

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